ARCTIC Case Fan Hub
Varenummer: ACFAN00175A
DKK 42,50 / Stk
DKK 34,00 ekskl. moms
ARCTIC Case Fan Hub. Produktfarve: Sort, Strømstik: SATA. Bredde: 55,6 mm, Dybde: 14,3 mm, Højde: 86,3 mm. Pakkebredde: 55,6 mm, Pakkedybde: 14,3 mm, Pakkehøjde: 86,3 mm. Kølemiddel: Luft

Mere information

  • CENTRALISED CABLE MANAGEMENT The Case Fan Hub comes equipped with adhesive pads and magnetic strips, which lets you place it anywhere in the case. It connects to your motherboard with only one cable and powered via SATA. This way, you can do without many additional cables and position it freely in the hidden part of the case. SYNCHRONOUS FAN CONTROL Your set PWM signal is passed on synchronously to all fans connected to the Case Fan Hub. The RPM of the first fan slot will be read out and returned to your system. EXPAND YOUR VENTILATION Even if you don't have enough fan headers on your mainboard, the case fan hub expands your system by 9 more case fan slots. Case_Fan_Hub_F03 EXTERNAL POWER SUPPLY The fans are powered directly from your power supply via SATA Power. As a result, there is no voltage loss at the fan speed and smooth, smooth operation is made possible.

  • Funktioner
    Produktfarve Sort
    Strømstik SATA
    Vægt & størrelser
    Bredde 55,6 mm
    Dybde 14,3 mm
    Højde 86,3 mm
    Vægt 50 g
    Pakkebredde 55,6 mm
    Pakkedybde 14,3 mm
    Pakkehøjde 86,3 mm
    Pakkevægt 75 g
    Logistik data
    Harmoniseret systemkode (HS) 84733080
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    Kølemiddel Luft