D-Link DXS-3400-24SC netværksswitch Administreret L3 Sort
Varenummer: DXS-3400-24SC
DKK 69.898,75 / Stk
DKK 55.919,00 ekskl. moms
D-Link DXS-3400-24SC. Switch-type: Administreret, Switch lag: L3. Antal USB 2.0-porte: 1, Port til konsol: RJ-45. Fuld duplex. MAC adresselabel: 48000 entries, Switch kapacitet: 480 Gbit/sek.. Netværksstandarder: IEEE 802.1AX, IEEE 802.1D, IEEE 802.1Q, IEEE 802.1Qau, IEEE 802.1Qaz, IEEE 802.1Qbb, IEEE 802.1s,.... Stativ-montering

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Bedst sælgende i Switche
  • D-Link’s DXS-3400 Series Lite Layer 3 Stackable 10 GbE Managed Switches are compact, high-performance switches that feature wire speed 10-Gigabit Ethernet switching, routing, and ultra-low latency. The 1U height and high port density make the DXS-3400 Series suitable for enterprise and campus environments where space is at a premium. 10GbE Copper and Fiber versions are available. The DXS-3400-24TC includes twenty (20) 10GBASE-T (RJ45) ports and four (4) 10GbE “Combo” ports (RJ45/SFP+). The DXS-3400-24SC includes twenty (20) 10GbE optical (SFP+) ports and four (4) 10GbE “Combo” ports (RJ45/SFP+).

    High Availability and Flexibility

    The DXS-3400 Series switches feature modular fans and power supplies for a high availability architecture. The hot-swappable design means that fans and power supplies can be replaced without affecting switch operation. Physical and virtual switch stacking allows the switches to be managed from a single IP address and provides redundancy for connected devices. The Switch Resource Management (SRM) feature allows the hardware table size to be changed, so that switch functions can be optimized based on the application. The DXS-3400 Series switches support 3 modes – IP Mode, LAN Mode and L2 VPN Mode – which modify the size of the Layer 2 and 3 tables for optimum efficiency.

    High Availability and Flexibility

    The DGS-3630 Series switches support stacking technology, which combines multiple switches to form a single physical or virtual stack. This increases redundancy over multiple physical units, simplifies management, and provides a single IP address to manage all members in the stack. Up to 9 switches can be stacked using Direct Attach Copper (DAC) or fiber optic cables to make up to 432 Gigabit Ethernet ports available, allowing switching capacity to be increased with demand. The Switch Resource Management (SRM) feature allows the hardware table size to be changed, so that switch functions can be optimized based on the use of the switch. There are 3 modes: IP Mode, LAN Mode, and L2 VPN Mode, which modify the size of the Layer 2 and 3 tables for optimum efficiency.

    Feature Rich Software

    The DXS-3400 Series switches include feature rich software which satisfies the needs of Small/Medium Business (SMB), Small/Medium Enterprise (SME), and Campus users. This software supports a wide range of Layer 2 and 3 functions such as VLANs, inter-VLAN routing, multicasting, Quality of Service (QoS), Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP), Routing Information Protocol (RIP)v1/2, Next Generation RIP (RIPng), Policy-Based Routing (PBR), and security features. The DXS-3400 Series switches also include an easy-to-use web interface and an industry standard CLI for improved management.

    Lossless Ethernet

    Data Center Bridging (DCB) is an essential set of enhancements to Ethernet for networking in data center environments. The DXS-3400 Series switches support several core components of Data Center Bridging (DCB) such as IEEE 802.1Qbb, IEEE 802.1Qaz, and IEEE 802.1Qau. IEEE 802.1Qbb (Priority-based Flow Control) provides flow control on specific priority to ensure there is no data loss during network congestion. IEEE 802.1Qaz (Enhanced Transmission Selection) manages the allocation of bandwidth amongst different traffic classes. IEEE 802.1Qau (Congestion Notification) provides congestion management for data flows within network domains to avoid frame loss.

    Energy Efficient

    The DXS-3400 Series switches feature front-to-back airflow which optimizes air circulation inside the rack, supports hot and cold aisles in data centers, and increases energy efficiency. The switches also feature in-built smart fans. Internal heat sensors monitor and detect temperature changes, and react accordingly by utilizing different fan speeds for different temperatures. At lower temperatures, the fans will run more slowly, reducing the switch’s power consumption and noise.

    Lifetime Warranty and NBD Replacement

    D-Link offers a Lifetime Warranty and Next Business Day (NBD) hardware replacement on the DXS-3400 Series of Lite Layer 3 Stackable 10GbE Managed Switches to further its commitment to product quality and long-term customer confidence.

  • Administrationsfunktioner
    Switch-type Administreret
    Switch lag L3
    Servicekvalitet support (QoS) Ja
    Webbaseret administration Ja
    ARP inspektion Ja
    System hændelseslog Ja
    MIB support RFC1065, RFC1066, RFC1155, RFC1156, RFC2578, RFC1212, RFC1213, RFC1215, RFC1493, RFC4188,RFC1157, RFC2571, RFC2572, RFC2573, RFC2574, RFC2575, RFC2576, RFC1157, RFC2571, RFC2572, RFC2573, RFC2574, RFC2575, RFC2576, RFC1442, RFC1901, RFC1902, RFC1903, RFC1904, RFC1905, RFC1906, RFC1907, RFC1908, RFC2578, RFC3418, RFC3636, RFC271, RFC1757, RFC2819, RFC2021, RFC1398, RFC1643, RFC1650, RFC2358, RFC2665, RFC3635, RFC2668, RFC2674, RFC4363, RFC2863, RFC2618, RFC4022, RFC4113, RFC3298, RFC2620, RFC2925, RFC2465, RFC2466, RFC2737, RFC2787, RFC1724, RFC1850, RFC5132, RFC2932, RFC2934, RFC4292, RFC4293, RFC791, RFC768, RFC793, RFC792, RFC2463, RFC4443, RFC4884, RFC826, RFC1338, RFC1519, RFC2474, RFC3168, RFC3260, RFC1321, RFC2284, RFC2865, RFC2716, RFC1759, RFC3580, RFC3748, RFC2571, RFC2572, RFC2573, RFC2574, RFC3246, RFC3247, RFC1886, RFC1981, RFC2460, RFC2461, RFC4861, RFC2462, RFC4862, RFC2464, RFC2767, RFC3513, RFC4291, RFC2893, RFC4213, RFC3484, RFC2003, RFC1191, RFC5415
    Porte & Grænseflader
    Kombo SFP porte, antal 4
    Antal SFP + modulslots 20
    Fiber optisk strømstik SFP+
    Port til konsol RJ-45
    Antal USB 2.0-porte 1
    Netværksstandarder IEEE 802.1AX, IEEE 802.1D, IEEE 802.1Q, IEEE 802.1Qau, IEEE 802.1Qaz, IEEE 802.1Qbb, IEEE 802.1s, IEEE 802.1v, IEEE 802.1w, IEEE 802.1x, IEEE 802.3x
    10G understøttelse Ja
    Kobber ethernet kabelteknologi 10BASE-T, 10GBASE-T, 100BASE-T, 1000BASE-T
    Port-spejlning Ja
    Fuld duplex Ja
    Flowkontrol support Ja
    Link aggregering Ja
    Spanning tree protokol Ja
    Head-of-line (HOL) blokering Ja
    VLAN understøttelse Ja
    Vituelle LAN funktioner Private VLAN, Port-based VLAN
    Antal VLAN'er 4094
    MAC adresselabel 48000 entries
    Switch kapacitet 480 Gbit/sek.
    Gennnemløb 357,12 Mpps
    Antal køer 8
    Jumbo Frames support Ja
    Jumbo rammer 12000
    Pakke bufferlager 4 MB
    DHCP funktioner DHCP server, DHCP client
    Adgangskontrolliste (ACL) Ja
    IGMP snooping Ja
    Sikkerhedsalgoritmer 802.1x RADIUS
    SSH/SSL support Ja
    Loop beskyttelse Ja
    BPDU filtrering/beskyttelse Ja
    Godkendelse Gæste VLAN, MAC-baseret godkendelse, Portbaseret godkendelse
    Multicast funktioner
    Multicast-understøttelse Ja
    Understøttede netværksprotokoller IPv6, IPv4
    Stativ-montering Ja
    Stabelbar Ja
    Produktfarve Sort
    Antal blæsere 3 blæser(e)
    Sikkerhed cUL, CB, CE, CCC, BSMI
    Elektromagnetisk kompatibilitet CE, FCC A, C-Tick, VCCI, BSMI, CCC
    Fysisk stabling 4
    Virtuelle stabling 32
    Tekniske detaljer
    Forsendelseskassens højde (indvendig) 17,8 cm
    Forsendelseskasses kassens bredde (indvendig) 54,5 cm
    Forsendelseskassens længde (indvendig) 59,5 cm
    Forsendelsesemballage nettovægt 7,75 kg
    Produkter pr. forsendelseskasse (indvendig) 1 stk
    Palle bruttovægt (luft) 313,7 kg
    Antal papkasser pr. palle (luft) 28 stk
    Antal pr. palle (luft) 28 stk
    Pallens bruttolængde 110 cm
    Pallens bruttobredde 120 cm
    Pallehøjde (luft) 138,1 cm
    Palle bruttovægt (hav) 313,7 kg
    Antal papkasser pr. palle (hav) 28 stk
    Antal pr. palle (hav) 28 stk
    Pallehøjde (hav) 138,1 cm
    Forsendelseskassens bruttovægt (indvendig) 10,5 kg
    Vekselstrømsindgangsspænding 100 - 240 V
    Vekselstrømsindgangsfrekvens 50 - 60 Hz
    Indgangsstrøm 2 A
    Strømforbrug (maks.) 118,6 W
    Power over Ethernet (PoE)
    Strøm over Ethernet (PoE) Ingen
    Driftstemperatur (T-T) -5 - 50 °C
    Opbevaringstemperatur (T-T) -40 - 70 °C
    Relativ luftfugtighed ved drift (H-H) 10 - 95%
    Relativ luftfugtighed ved opbevaring (H-H) 5 - 95%
    Varmeafgivelse 388,39 BUT/t
    Vægt & størrelser
    Bredde 441 mm
    Dybde 380 mm
    Højde 44 mm
    Vægt 6,5 kg
    Pakkebredde 527 mm
    Pakkedybde 575 mm
    Pakkehøjde 145 mm
    Pakkevægt 9,4 kg
    Logistik data
    Harmoniseret systemkode (HS) 85176990