Multibrackets 0742 monteringsbeslag til projektor Loft Hvid
Varenummer: 0742
DKK 2.184,38 / Stk
DKK 1.747,50 ekskl. moms
Multibrackets 0742. Monteringstype: Loft, Maksimal vægtkapacitet: 10 kg, Produktfarve: Hvid. Vægt: 3,3 kg, Pakkebredde: 120 mm, Pakkedybde: 350 mm. Antal pr. EUR-palle: 471 stk

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Bedst sælgende i Projektor Monteringsbeslag
  • Industry-leading projector mounts with fine tune technology for ceiling installations.

    The M Universal Projector Ceiling Mount 1600-3000 with Fine tune give you easy placement of your projector in the most discreet setting possible. You can orient and incline according to several axes. The model features cable-masks, height adjustment, and easy fine tune settings adjustments, once the projector is in place. This projector mount has a minimum of surface area to the projector good for not trapping heat close to your projector thus not cutting your projector lamps lifetime.

    The built in fine tune technology provides easy fingertip positioning capabilities which automatically adjusts the projectors position. That way you can always be sure to get a well balanced position for your projector after installing it. This does not only save installation time but also make room for possible changes of what projector is being used or how your projection screen is positioned, perfect if you anticipate changing projectors in the future. The arms holding the projector are articulated and telescopic to adopt to almost all projector models.

    Multibrackets Projector Ceiling Mount series 200/ 500-800/ 600-1000/ 900-1600/ 1600-3000 with Fine tune offers an industry-leading projector mount for ceiling installations. The series minimizes installation time, simplify maintenance and offers a sought after fine tune adjustment alignment with 3-axle angles. This model also offers the an anti-theft security feature.

    There is a reason why this series of projector mounts quickly has become one of Multibrackets top selling product lines.

  • Præstation
    Monteringstype Loft
    Maksimal vægtkapacitet 10 kg
    Produktfarve Hvid
    Teleskopisk Ja
    Forbedret kabelstyring Ja
    Højdejustering Ja
    Højdejusteringstype Vejledning
    Højdejusteringsområde 1600 - 3000 mm
    Vægt & størrelser
    Vægt 3,3 kg
    Pakkebredde 120 mm
    Pakkedybde 350 mm
    Pakkehøjde 160 mm
    Pakkevægt 12,5 kg
    Logistik data
    Antal pr. EUR-palle 471 stk