Nvidia ConnectX-6 InfiniBand Intern Fiber 200000 Mbit/s
Varenummer: 900-9X6AF-0018-MT0
DKK 12.218,75 / Stk
DKK 9.775,00 ekskl. moms
Nvidia ConnectX-6 InfiniBand. Intern. Forbindelsesteknologi: Ledningsført, Værtsgrænseflade: PCI Express, Grænseflade: Fiber. Maksimal dataoverførselshastighed: 200000 Mbit/s. Produktfarve: Grøn, Grå

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  • Featuring In-Network Computing for Enhanced Efficiency and Scalability

    Complex workloads demand ultra-fast processing of high-resolution simulations, extreme-size datasets, and highly parallelized algorithms. As these computing requirements continue to grow, NVIDIA Quantum InfiniBand—the world’s only fully off loadable, In-Network Computing acceleration technology—provides the dramatic leap in performance needed to achieve unmatched results in high performance computing (HPC), AI, and hyperscale cloud infrastructures—with less cost and complexity.

    NVIDIA® ConnectX®-6 InfiniBand smart adapter cards are a key element in the NVIDIA Quantum InfiniBand platform. ConnectX-6 provides up to two ports of 200Gb/s InfiniBand and Ethernet(1) connectivity with extremely low latency, high message rate, smart offloads, and NVIDIA In-Network Computing acceleration that improve performance and scalability.

  • Porte & Grænseflader
    Forbindelsesteknologi Ledningsført
    Værtsgrænseflade PCI Express
    Grænseflade Fiber
    Fiberkanal porte 1
    Fiber optisk strømstik QSFP56
    PCI version 4.0
    Maksimal dataoverførselshastighed 200000 Mbit/s
    Ethernet LAN Ja
    Ethernet-grænsefladetype 200 Gigabit Ethernet
    Intern Ja
    Komponent til Server
    Produktfarve Grøn, Grå
    Formfaktor OCP 3.0