Ergotron 97-820 monteringssæt
Varenummer: 97-820
DKK 8.250,00 / Stk
DKK 6.600,00 ekskl. moms
Ergotron 97-820. Rotationsvinkel: 360°. Pakkevægt: 13,2 kg

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  • This kit converts a cart for use in telepresence applications, combining the power of videoconferencing with the benefits of StyleView. Backed by our years of expertise and service, you can confidently build a telemedicine platform that matches your needs and budget.

    - Enables remote delivery of specialized care and timely diagnostics
    - Includes components that, when added to a StyleView cart, allow accommodation of all your telepresence equipment
    - Mounts a video or web camera above the monitor, facing forward; camera travels with the monitor through its entire range of motion
    - Low configuration costs
    - Works with cart’s auto-locking drawers for electronically controlled access to your equipment
    - Open architecture allows for the integration of most standard computer and mobile communications equipment
    - Dual monitor configuration provides convenient side-to-side pivoting of one display for shared viewing of screen; expanded screen area of two displays increases productivity

  • Tekniske detaljer
    Produktfarve Hvid
    Maksimal vægtkapacitet 20,4 kg
    Højdejusteringsområde 0 - 200 mm
    Panel montering grænseflade 75 x 75,100 x 100 mm
    Rotationsvinkel 360°
    Pakkevægt 13,2 kg