Pære E27 9W RGB 2700-6500K Full Function HomeKit lightbulb, 3-Pack, Lite bulb moments
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  • Lite bulb moments E27 9W RGB 2700-6500K Full Function HomeKit lightbulb - 3-Pack

    White and RGB Ambience


    • Circadian light functions in the Lite app
    • Dimmable
    • Timer
    • White and ambient color with (64 million colors).
    • Routines and scenes in the Lite app multiple users can control the devices
    • Google Home Assistant

      Amazon Alexa

    Lite Bulb Moments smart lights offer you an easy way to control colors, light settings and brightness. This gives you peace of mind, grants you full control in everyday life and brings something extra for those special light bulb moments!

    Every light source is added individually to the Wi-Fi network, you don't need anything extra, this gives you a secure and fast installation via the Lite app.

    The Lite app supports 12 different languages including the Nordic languages.

    The Lite app is compatible with different systems such as, Google Home and Amazon Alexa, which gives you the option to use Voice Control.   

    Circadian light
    Tailored lights to improve your health

    Light is nature's own vitamin pill and is vital for our health and wellbeing.

    The Lite bulb moments smart lights are based on tomorrows smart technology, which recreates the sun's daylight, this means that even during the darkest winter months, you will get the correct amount of light, which will ensure you a good night sleep and full day with lots of energy.

    It is a well-documented fact, that the correct light setting, amount and time, has a positive influence on blood pressure, metabolism, hormone levels, pulse, blood sugar and temperature. Lots of research has also shown that the circadian light has a positive effect on Alzheimer’s.   

    Setup/ installation:
    The light supports both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

    Supports both 2.4GHz and 5GHz networks.

    Use the step by step guide in the app or go to: https://Litebulbmoments.com/support

    You can find the Lite - app in Google Play Store or in Apple App Store.

    App name: Lite bulb moments

    The Lite Bulb Moments products have a long lifetime and are 100% recyclable.

    Smart home
    The lights can be included into different Smart home systems out of the box.

    In the Lite app you create routines and scenes that suit your needs.

    You can make a rule that all your lights should turn on, when you are near your home, and the other way around, turn off when you leave home.

    You can have a routine, that all lights must turn off at 23.30 every night or all nights, except Saturday and Sundays.

    You can create a scene called “Comfy” which will give you a warm light setting.

    With the Lite app you will have a powerful tool to assist you in everyday life.

    Google integration
    If you connect the lights to a Google Home assistant, you can control the lights via voice commands. Google Home assistant is your personal voice-activated assistant that can help you with different tasks.?

    You can say “Hey Google”

    Turn on the lights in the Livingroom

    Set the lights to 40% in the kitchen

    Turn the lights to green in the kids’ room at 17:30

    It's only your imagination that will set the boundaries.

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