Sony INZONE H7 Hovedtelefoner Trådløs Headset Spil USB Type-C Bluetooth Hvid
Varenummer: WHG700W
DKK 3.436,25 / Stk
DKK 2.749,00 ekskl. moms
Sony INZONE H7. Produkttype: Hovedtelefoner. Forbindelsesteknologi: Trådløs, Bluetooth. Anbefalet brug: Spil. Hovedtelefon frekvens: 5 - 20000 Hz. Trådløs rækkevidde: 10 m. Vægt: 325 g. Produktfarve: Hvid

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  • Precise target recognition enables responsiveness
    Hear your opponents before they see you. With 360° spatial sound for gaming and our proven hardware technology, you can see where your opponents are and how far away they are. Even players who are in the shadows or behind walls and obstacles do not remain hidden for long.

    Authentic reproduction of every sound in the game
    The INZONE H7 is based on the knowledge we have gained with headphones for music. Its diaphragm has a unique shape that ensures realistic reproduction of high or low frequency sounds and an immersive gaming experience.

    Rich bass frequencies
    Special sound channels on the housing of the INZONE H7 optimize the reproduction of low-frequency sounds. Enjoy powerful bass sounds that make explosions and engines appear realistic. Immerse yourself in the drama and intensity of the game.

    Boom microphone with focus on your voice
    The high-quality boom microphone can be brought closer to the mouth so that you can always be heard clearly. It works bi-directional. This ensures your voice is picked up clearly even during the busiest gaming moments.

    Fits snugly to your ears
    The ear cushions made of soft nylon material are shaped in such a way that they exert as little pressure as possible by fitting optimally to the side of the head. The very comfortable material of the ear cushions was developed to offer comfort and stability as well as to keep out ambient noise.

    Perfect padding for your head
    The wide, soft headband distributes the weight evenly over your head, ensuring hours of comfort.

    Discord Certification
    The headset works with Discord's voice, video and text communication services. This allows you to chat with friends while playing online.

    Flip up to mute and store
    At the end of the game you can easily mute and store the microphone by flipping it up.

    Flip down to speak
    When you want to use the microphone, simply fold it down and bring it close to your mouth. It is extremely flexible and can be placed in all sorts of positions.

    10-minute quick charge function
    No time to charge? With the quick charge function, you can play for an hour after just 10 minutes of charging.

    Simultaneous 2.4 GHz and Bluetooth connection
    You can connect the headset to a smartphone via Bluetooth while connected to a 2.4GH WiFi network. You can also make calls and voice chats via Bluetooth while playing games via the USB wireless connection.

    Low latency thanks to 2.4 GHz wireless connection
    With 2.4 GHz wireless connection via the included USB transceiver, the latency between the sound source in the game and the output in the headset is reduced using a special algorithm. So you can react quickly.

    controls on the left
    On the left earcup are the main controls, e.g. the volume control and the microphone mute switch. Flip the microphone up to mute. The boom microphone and a USB port with a charging LED are also there.

    Controls on the right
    The button for switching between chat and game as well as the on/off and Bluetooth button is located on the right ear cup.

    Keep playing while loading
    Is your battery almost empty? Charge your headset with the long included USB cable so you don't have to interrupt your game.

    Switch between chat and game
    Adjust the volume with your INZONE H7 and switch back and forth between game sounds and voice chats.

    On-Screen Settings
    Adjust settings on your headset and see them on screen in PS5 Control Center.

    Enjoy personalized gaming fun
    Thanks to our INZONE Hub PC software, you can customize your experience with the INZONE H7 and customize a variety of options. This also includes a wide variety of sound and hardware settings. Optimize sound frequencies for your game with the EQ function to hear sounds even more clearly and to immerse yourself even more in the game.

    scope of delivery
    In the box of your INZONE H7 headset you will find a USB-C charging cable (1.5 m) and a USB transceiver.

    Sustainability as a guiding principle
    Our products are not only stylish, but also environmentally friendly. The packaging of the INZONE H7 contains no plastic but recycled material and non-woven cellulose. This reflects Sony's goal to reduce the environmental impact of our products and practices.2

    Sharpen your senses with the INZONE gaming monitors
    Our INZONE monitors offer you an even more immersive gaming experience and help you win the games.

    Discover 360° spatial sound for gaming
    Our 360° Spatial Sound for Gaming, which can be activated via the PC software INZONE Hub, includes a newly developed Virtualiser for Gaming, which converts audio signals from multiple channels into spatial sound - just as the creators of the game intended. You can also use the 360 ​​Spatial Sound Personalizer smartphone app to optimally adapt the spatial sound to the shape of your ear and thus have very individual gaming fun.3

  • Præstation
    Produkttype Hovedtelefoner
    Bæremåde Headset
    Anbefalet brug Spil
    Produktfarve Hvid
    Headset type Binaural
    Volumenkontrol Knap
    Kontrolenhedstype On-ear control unit
    Porte & Grænseflader
    Forbindelsesteknologi Trådløs
    3,5 mm stik Ingen
    USB-tilslutning Ja
    USB-stik USB Type-C
    Bluetooth Ja
    Bluetooth-profiler A2DP, AAC, AVRCP, HFP, HSP, SBC
    Bluetooth-version 5.0
    Frekvensbånd 2.4 GHz
    Trådløs rækkevidde 10 m
    Ørekobling Circumaural
    Hovedtelefon frekvens 5 - 20000 Hz
    Magnet-type Neodym
    Driverenhed 4 cm
    Mikrofontype Boom
    Mikrofon frekvens 100 - 8000 Hz
    Batteridrevet Ja
    Batteritype Indbygget batteri
    Batteriteknologi Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion)
    Hurtig opladning Ja
    Hurtig opladningstid 10 min.
    Opladningskilde USB
    Vægt & størrelser
    Vægt 325 g
    Emballage indhold
    Opladningsstativ Ingen
    Hurtig start guide Ja
    Garantibevis Ja
    Kabler inkluderet USB
    Materiale Neodym
    Batteriets levetid 2400 min.