MAUS Stixx Pro - Automatic fire protection
Varenummer: MAUS1350-1
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  • MAUS Stixx Pro – Automatic fire protection

    • Triggers quickly in case of fire
    • No electricity, pressure, and cables are needed
    • 10-second installation
    • 5 years of fire protection
    • Requires no maintenance
    • Suitable for spaces such as motor home/caravan, boat, behind fridge/freezer, electrical cabinet, etc
    • Winner: Best Elnyhet 2021

    With our innovative device, you can protect your home from a fire in an electrical cabinet in the event of lightning, loose connections, short circuits, or faulty components.

    MAUS Stixx Pro is a small automatic fire protection device that extinguishes the fire before it has barely started. When the device senses heat at 180°C, the device activates and sends a completely non-toxic and environmentally friendly potassium-based aerosol (smoke) into the space and extinguishes the fire.

    Easily attach MAUS Stixx Pro to the inside of your electrical cabinet and you have automatic fire protection for 5 years that requires no maintenance, electricity, or pressure.

    In addition to electrical control stations, you can place MAUS Stixx Pro in the motorhome/caravan and boat (in the battery compartment and where the electronics are located) and above the compressor behind the fridge/freezer where an overheated compressor causes many fires annually.


    Netto dimensions MAUS Stixx Pro: 9.8 x 1 x 1.8 cm
    Netto weight: 26 g
    Shelf life: 5 years from installation
    Protected space: 0.1 m3 (e.g. 100 cm high x 50 cm wide and 20 cm deep).
    Activation temperature: 180 °C
    Functional: -30°C - 70 °C
    Certification: BAM, CE
    Material: PVC, potassium
    Packaging: Carton
    Content: Instruction manual, date sticker and MAUS Stixx Pro

    "MAUS product is ingenious! Simple with a focus on safety."
    Winner Best Electric News 2021!

    Winner of the best Electrical News in 2021

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