QNAP TS-431XeU NAS Stativ (1U) Ethernet LAN Aluminium, Sort Alpine AL-314
Varenummer: TS-431XEU-2G + 4X HDWG480UZSVA
DKK 12.137,50 / Stk
DKK 9.710,00 ekskl. moms
QNAP TS-431XeU. Total installeret opbevaringskapacitet: 32 TB, Installeret lagerdisktype: HDD, Understøttet datalagringsdrev typer: HDD & SSD. Processorserie: Annapurna Labs, Processormodel: Alpine AL-314, Processorfrekvens: 1,7 GHz. Intern hukommelse: 2 GB, Intern hukommelsestype: DDR3, Hukommelsesur hastighed: 1600 Mhz. Ethernet LAN-datahastigheder: 10,100,1000 Mbit/s, Ethernet LAN datahastighed understøttet (maks.): 10000 Mbit/s, Understøttede netværksprotokoller: CIFS/SMB, AFP v3.3, NFS v3, FTP, FTPS, SFTP, TFTP, HTTP(S), Telnet, SSH, iSCSI, SNMP, SMTP, and SMSC. Fiber optisk strømstik: SFP+

Mere information

  • The high-performance quad-core short depth TS-431XeU includes a 10GbE SFP+ port to fully support 10GbE high-speed networks at a budget price with maximized ROI. The short depth design is perfectly suitable for installing the TS-431XeU in a compact rack, or places with a lot of cabling. The TS-431XeU provides versatile all-in-one functionality and unique features including VJBOD (Virtual JBOD) - an economical way to utilize unused NAS storage space for expanding the storage capacity of other QNAP NAS - and Container Station - that allows users to rapidly develop and deploy Internet of Things (IoT) apps. The TS-431XeU is a cost-effective storage solution designed for growing businesses looking for backup, restoration, private cloud, storage for virtualization, and to future-proof their IT infrastructure for 10GbE networks.

    - The short depth design is suitable for installing in smaller racks or space-constrained locations
    - 10GbE readiness, SSD caching, and encryption acceleration engine
    - VJBOD allows using the TS-431XeU to expand the storage capacity of other QNAP NAS
    - Containerized virtualization and IoT app development with Container Station
    - Build a private cloud to centrally organize & manage files and backup tasks
    - Secure access with VPN Server & VPN Client
    - Qsirch, the full text search engine, helps quickly locate files on the NAS
    - Expand the total storage capacity up to 24 drives by connecting up to 2 QNAP expansion enclosure (UX-1200U-RP or UX-800U-RP)

    Smaller Footprint for Bigger Opportunities
    Compared to a traditional 4-bay rackmount NAS, the TS-431XeU has a depth of only 11.46 inches (291 mm). This makes the TS-431XeU an excellent choice for smaller racks, and the unused space can be reserved for cabling or ventilation. The TS-431XeU is space-saving for flexible deployment and is especially suitable for multiple locations and applications including offices, audiovisual rooms and security surveillance recording.

    Quad-core CPU and built-in one 10GbE SFP+ port
    The TS-431XeU is equipped with an Annapurna Labs, an Amazon company, Alpine AL314 quad-core 1.7 GHz ARM® Cortex-A15 processor with SATA 6Gb/s and up to 8GB DDR3 RAM. Its encryption acceleration engine provides unmatched encryption performance in its class with AES 256-bit full NAS volume encryption, boosting system performance & security while ensuring the safety of sensitive business data stored in the TS-431XeU. Besides two Gigabit Ethernet ports, the TS-431XeU also includes a 10GbE SFP+ port to fully support 10GbE high-speed networks for businesses that demand higher bandwidth for virtualization and fast backup & restoration of an ever-growing amount of data.

    SSD cache acceleration
    The TS-431XeU supports SSD caching to greatly boost the IOPS performance of storage volumes to increase operational efficiency. It is perfect for improving the overall workflow of IOPS-demanding applications and allows the best of both cost and performance by combining SSDs with HDDs.

    Reduce the impact of ransomware or system failure with Snapshots
    The TS-431XeU supports snapshots, which can record the system status and data at any single moment*. If the system unexpectedly fails or is infected with ransomware, you can instantly restore files from a snapshot. The intuitive snapshot tool in the QTS Storage Manager can be used to take snapshots of your data, and restore data from snapshots if necessary. Always take regular snapshots to ensure the safety of your files and data.

    High reliability design ensuring business continuity
    The business-ready TS-431XeU is designed to provide 24/7 operations and services. The support for comprehensive RAID configurations and hot-swapping allow for replacing hard drives without service interruption. QNAP's advanced RAID recovery technology also helps if any healthy drives are accidentally removed from a degraded RAID volume. The system can be recovered by reinserting the wrongly-removed hard drives so the data can still be accessible. The TS-431XeU delivers high reliability and efficiency with support for multiple port-trunking modes including fail-over support.

    VJBOD: Maximize storage utilization across multiple QNAP NAS
    Besides using expansion enclosures, there is an additional option to expand NAS storage capacity. QNAP VJBOD (Virtual JBOD) is network-based JBOD, allowing you to expand the storage of a QNAP NAS with multiple QNAP NAS units. The TS-431XeU offers great potential for economically expanding the storage of other QNAP NAS with VJBOD, and to create virtual storage pools and volumes on virtual disks for operating NAS services.

    Rapidly deploy IoT apps with Container Station
    QNAP Container Station exclusively integrates LXC and Docker® lightweight virtualization technologies, allowing you to operate multiple isolated Linux® systems on the TS-431XeU as well as download apps from the built-in Docker Hub® Registry for unlimited containerized applications. What's better, Container Station supports the QIoT Containers platform that helps quickly structure your IoT environment and deployment on your private IoT cloud, boosting microservices and modernizing legacy applications to drive more business opportunities.

    QTS - The intelligent NAS operating system
    With multiple applications and functions, QTS enhances management efficiency, personal productivity, entertainment, and much more. The user-friendly QTS features an intelligent desktop that allows you to find desired functions quickly, monitor important system information on a real-time basis, open multiple application windows to run multiple tasks concurrently with greater working efficiency, and provides a built-in App Center with install-on-demand apps to extend NAS functionality. Empowered by intelligent agent services that simplify system operations and management, QTS breaks down barriers of devices, platforms, and geography to provide you with the optimum cloud experience.

    Optimized collaboration with cross-platform file sharing and sync
    The TS-431XeU centrally stores data, logs and various files, and supports SMB/CIFS, NFS, and AFP protocols for file sharing across Windows®, Mac®, Linux®/UNIX® networks. Coupled with Qsync - a utility that turns a QNAP NAS into a safe, high-capacity data center for file synchronization - any file uploaded to the TS-431XeU will be made available for all linked devices, such as computers, laptops or mobile devices. You can sync shared folders and team folders for group file sharing, greatly enhancing the flexibility of team projects and collaboration.

    Well-rounded backup & disaster recovery solutions
    The TS-431XeU offers flexible backup solutions for Windows® and Mac® users. It also supports Hybrid Backup Sync that consolidates backup, restoration and synchronization functions (using RTRR, rsync, FTP, CIFS/SMB) for easily transferring data to local, remote and cloud storage spaces as a comprehensive data storage and disaster recovery plan. Supported cloud services include Amazon® Glacier, Azure™ Storage, Google Cloud Storage™, Google Drive™, Microsoft® OneDrive® for Business, Dropbox®, Amazon® Drive, Yandex® Disk, Box®, hubiC® and Amazon® S3/OpenStack Swift/WebDAV compatible services.

    Comprehensive security to protect your data
    In open network environments, business data may be exposed in a potential hack. The TS-431XeU provides numerous security options, such as antivirus, encrypted access, IP blocking, 2-step verification, and more. IT administrators can also control the access rights of each user to different folders, preventing unauthorized access to important files. The TS-431XeU supports AES 256-bit encryption, preventing sensitive business data from unauthorized access and breach even if the hard drives or the entire system were stolen. Windows AD server, LDAP server, and built-in LDAP service are also supported.

    Secure access with VPN Server & VPN Client
    With the new QVPN app which integrates settings for VPN server and VPN client, the TS-431XeU can be used as a VPN server with L2TP/IPsec, OpenVPN, and PPTP support, allowing you to securely access data shared within private local networks. It can also be used as a VPN Client to connect to other VPN servers (connecting multiple servers at the same time is possible) or virtual private networks through PPTP and OpenVPN for secure data transmission. You can connect devices to your NAS and the VPN server at home to access data on the LAN; via VPN Client on your NAS, for example, you can connect to VPN servers in foreign countries for accessing regionally-restricted services.

    Qsirch - a smarter, faster way to search
    The TS-431XeU supports Qsirch, a proprietary search engine for quickly finding files. In addition to previewing files with thumbnails, content abstract and keyword hints, Qsirch even remembers your search history allowing you to quickly navigate to files you've previously searched for. The Qsirch Helper extension (for Google Chrome™ and Mozilla Firefox®) can also be used to search for files on your NAS when using Google Search™. Qsirch provides a huge productivity boost by greatly reducing the time spent looking for files on the NAS.

    QmailAgent: A mailroom center for your private cloud
    QmailAgent is an online email client that helps you manage multiple email accounts, allowing you to access all of your emails and to easily switch between different accounts. It provides complete functionality for composing, reading and organizing emails. You can even attach files, photos and documents directly from the TS-431XeU when composing emails. iOS® and Android™ users can use the QmailClient app to quickly check multiple email accounts with mobile devices, and to browse & send emails using the QmailAgent on their TS-431XeU.

    Comprehensive surveillance solution providing 24/7 security
    Surveillance Station is a professional network surveillance Video Management System (VMS) that offers a user-friendly management interface, over 3,000 compatible IP camera models, and expandable IP camera channel licenses. It supports real-time monitoring, video & audio recording and playback with a wide range of customizable settings. You can use iOS® or Android™ Vmobile app to manage the monitored channels anytime and anywhere to safeguard your office environment, or install the Vcam mobile app to turn your device into a network camera to instantly record to your TS-431XeU. The TS-431XeU offers 2 free IP camera channels and you can expand up to 30 channels by purchasing additional licenses.

    Easily expand storage capacity
    The TS-431XeU's storage capacity can be expanded as needed to meet the demands of rapidly-growing data, making it ideal for storage-intensive applications such as video surveillance, data archiving, TV broadcast storage, and more. By connecting the TS-431XeU to a QNAP expansion enclosure you can expand the TS-431XeU's storage on-demand, and use the QTS Storage Manager to easily manage the newly-added capacity without any downtime.

    - Using an UX-800U-RP and an UX-1200U-RP, up to 24 (4+8+12) drives are supported.
    - Using two UX-800U-RPs, up to 20 (4+8+8) drives are supported.
    - Using an UX-800U-RP or an UX-1200U-RP, up to 12 (4+8) or 16 (4+12) drives are supported.

    With the support of QJBOD Express (JBOD enclosure roaming)*, you can connect a large-capacity QNAP expansion enclosure to the TS-431XeU, and migrate data to another NAS through the JBOD enclosure without needing network connectivity.

    Quiet and Energy Efficient for 24/7 Operation
    The TS-431XeU utilizes an energy-efficient quad-core ARM processor that maintains high performance in system operations without running up a high electricity bill. With a noise level of just 20.3dB, and power consumption of 12.42W (sleep) or 30.99W (active), the TS-431XeU is ideal for providing an always-online business cloud and other around-the-clock applications. Additional energy-saving features include hard disk standby, scheduled power on/off, and Wake on LAN.

    Additional SMB-ready features

    The TS-431XeU supports various business applications as an all-in-one Turbo NAS with cost-efficiency.

    The Turbo NAS supports FTP server to share large files, with user-defined settings including bandwidth limitation, number of connections, and write-only permissions.

    The Turbo NAS supports Surveillance Station to connect and manage multiple IP cameras remotely, including real-time monitoring, video recording, playback, and event notifications.

  • Lagring
    Datalagringsdriver installeret Ja
    Total installeret opbevaringskapacitet 32 TB
    Antal installerede lagerdiske 4
    Antal understøttede lagerdiske 4
    Installeret lagerdisktype HDD
    Understøttet datalagringsdrev typer HDD & SSD
    Kapacitet af datalagringsdrev 8000 GB
    Grænseflade til lagerdisk Serial ATA III
    Understøtter RAID Ja
    Understøttede lagerdrev brugerflader Serial ATA III
    Størrelse på lagerdisk 3.5"
    Understøttede lagerdisk størrelser 2.5,3.5"
    RAID-niveauer 0, 1, 5+HS, 5, 6, 10, JBOD
    Online RAID-migrering Ja
    Online RAID-udvidelse Ja
    Hot-swap drevbåse Ja
    Understøttede filsystemer FAT32, HFS+, NTFS, exFAT, ext3, ext4
    Dårlig blok scanning Ja
    Disk roaming Ja
    Processorserie Annapurna Labs
    Processormodel Alpine AL-314
    Processorfrekvens 1,7 GHz
    Processorkerner 4
    Intern hukommelse 2 GB
    Intern hukommelsestype DDR3
    Hukommelsesur hastighed 1600 Mhz
    Maksimal understøttede RAM 8 GB
    Hukommelsesstik 1x SODIMM
    Flashhukommelse 512 MB
    Ethernet LAN Ja
    Ethernet LAN-datahastigheder 10,100,1000 Mbit/s
    Ethernet LAN datahastighed understøttet (maks.) 10000 Mbit/s
    Wi-Fi Ingen
    DHCP-klient Ja
    DHCP-server Ja
    Jumbo Frames support Ja
    iSCSI-understøttelse Ja
    Wake-on-LAN klar Ja
    Understøttede netværksprotokoller CIFS/SMB, AFP v3.3, NFS v3, FTP, FTPS, SFTP, TFTP, HTTP(S), Telnet, SSH, iSCSI, SNMP, SMTP, and SMSC
    Link aggregering Ja
    Dynamisk DNS (DDNS) Ja
    Porte & Grænseflader
    Ethernet LAN-porte (RJ-45) 2
    USB-port Ja
    Antal USB 3.2 Gen 1 (3.1 Gen 1) type-A-porte 4
    Fiberkanal porte 1
    Fiber optisk strømstik SFP+
    Kabinettype Stativ (1U)
    Kølingstype Aktiv
    Produktfarve Aluminium, Sort
    Antal blæsere 3 blæser(e)
    Ventilator diameter 4 cm
    LED-indikatorer HDD, LAN, Status, USB
    Slot til kabellås Ja
    Kabellåseslids type Kensington
    Type NAS
    Enhedsklasse Små & mellemstore virksomheder
    Backup funktion Ja
    Backup detaljer Cloud, iSCSI LUN
    Lydalarm Ja
    Antal brugere 4096 bruger(e)
    Støjniveau 20,3 dB
    Tredjepart support Ja
    Snapshot Ja
    Administrationsprotokoller SNMP
    Webbaseret administration Ja
    Filmappe rettigheder med korrekt administration Ja
    Sikkerhedsalgoritmer 256-bit AES, FIPS 140-2, HTTPS, SSH
    Knap til nulstilling Ja
    Tænd-/slukkontakt Ja
    Indbygget iTunes server Ja
    Indbygget FTP-server Ja
    Understøttet browser Apple Safari 7+, Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer 10+, Mozilla Firefox
    System logfil Ja
    Varm reservedel Ja
    Understøtter S.M.A.R.T. Ja
    Filmappe 512
    Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) Ja
    Operativsystem installeret QNAP Turbo System
    Version af operativsystem 5,0,1
    Understøttede Windows-operativsystemer Windows 10, Windows 10 Education, Windows 10 Education x64, Windows 10 Enterprise, Windows 10 Enterprise x64, Windows 10 Home, Windows 10 Home x64, Windows 10 IOT Core, Windows 10 Pro, Windows 10 Pro x64, Windows 7, Windows 7 Enterprise, Windows 7 Enterprise x64, Windows 7 Home Basic, Windows 7 Home Basic x64, Windows 7 Home Premium, Windows 7 Home Premium x64, Windows 7 Professional, Windows 7 Professional x64, Windows 7 Starter, Windows 7 Starter x64, Windows 7 Ultimate, Windows 7 Ultimate x64, Windows 7 x64, Windows 8, Windows 8 Enterprise, Windows 8 Enterprise x64, Windows 8 Pro, Windows 8 Pro x64, Windows 8 x64
    Understøttede Linux-operativsystemer Ja
    Understøttede Mac-operativsystemer Mac OS X 10.7 Lion, Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks
    Understøttede operativsystemer til servere Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2016
    Placering af strømforsyning Indbygget
    Strømforsyningens kapacitet (PCU) 100 W
    Antal strømforsyninger 1
    Strømforbrug (HDD standby) 12,42 W
    Vekselstrømsindgangsspænding 100 - 240 V
    Vekselstrømsindgangsfrekvens 50 - 60 Hz
    Udgangsstrøm 3,5 A
    Vægt & størrelser
    Bredde 439 mm
    Dybde 291 mm
    Højde 44 mm
    Vægt 4,15 kg
    Pakkevægt 5,78 kg
    Emballage indhold
    Kabler inkluderet Vekselstrøm, LAN (RJ-45)
    Hurtig installationsvejledning Ja
    Driftstemperatur (T-T) 0 - 40 °C
    Relativ luftfugtighed ved drift (H-H) 5 - 95%
    Andre funktioner
    DLNA-certificeret (Digital Living Network Alliance) Ja